4/30/2015 11:14:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments


"Whenever you feel that sadness is after you, let it enter your life, that with it you will learn to be strong."

Hair:(r)M Hair, No.34'15
Skin:[ae] kensi powder - drained - red@anyBODY
Tattoo arms:.Identity. Body Shop - Lickerish
Tattoo Legs:.Identity. Body Shop - Secret Ritual@Suicide Dollz
dress:.S&C. Nadya

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4/29/2015 09:30:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments


"It was nothing more than a Fox like a hundred thousand other. But I made my friend and now he is unique in the world"

Hair:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Saily hair-Fatpack
Hairband:Envie - Mew - Headband - Blue
Rings:Envie - Mew - Ring Blue/ Purple
Sweater:NS::  Mesh Sweater Dress (HUD)
Sock:Mag<3.B Black hearts socks
Fox:Birdy - Bashful Fox -  VIP - Electric Blue Group Gift

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4/28/2015 11:08:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments


" Make your life a dream and your dream a reality"


Hair:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Gangsta girl hair-Fatpack @ Gangster Fair
Hat:Meva Gangster Hat  @ Gangster Fair
Gloves:::MF:: Sexy Gangsta - Full outfit @ Gangster Fair
Tattoo:.Identity. Body Shop - Secret Ritual@Suicide Dollz 
Skirt/Boots:AsHmOoT_SS Coll_Outfit #35 @ Gangster Fair


Jacket: E-Clipse Jamil 2  v3
Pants: [Deadwool] Joad pants - black
Boots:[Deadwool] Trauermarsch Boots - (black)_1

Pose:IGNITION ART - Gangsta Couple Pose @ Gangster Fair hunt 

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4/28/2015 08:35:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments


"In  the jealousy there are more self-love than love"

Hair:Blues. Beau
Bracelets:Baubles! by Phe SnakeskinCharmBracelets@.:: Designer Circle ::
Dress:Luas Vintage Spring Dress Rose@Shiny shabby
Bag:Luas Fiore Bag Rose@Shiny shabby
Pose:*ED* Dramatic 01

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4/27/2015 02:57:00 p. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments


"The way out of poverty is education . If you can do something to help poor children to continue in school longer you will be doing something very positive to Improve Their position in life ."

Hairband:*PerveTTe* Gem Headband [Silver/Blue]@On Fleek Gacha Fair
Glasses:::TI:: Round Glasses - Black Group Gift
Ring:Envie - Mew - Ring - Blue 
Dress/Book/Bag:-Nomi-Lolita School Uniform @Ai Gacha Event 
Socks:Mag<3.B Fantasy socks@Color me project black 
Shoes:.:KC:. BELEN Heels for SLink High & Belleza Venus

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4/27/2015 11:16:00 a. m. ℓαℓι gℓσм ℓαυяєит Ⓟĥιℓιקʂ 0 Comments

Hair:+Spellbound+ Lala 
Tattoo: G.ID-Kitsune Tattoo @Suicide DollZ
Top: :: D-Style - Kayla V.2 w.HUD ::
Bracelet: [BREATHE]-Soothe Bracelet
Short: MoDANNA [Sioux Collection] Rolled Jeans Shorts
Shoes: The Casa D Sneakers @Gangsta Fair
Pose: Vestige Tamsin 1

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4/27/2015 11:02:00 a. m. ℓαℓι gℓσм ℓαυяєит Ⓟĥιℓιקʂ 0 Comments

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Diana hair @Shiny Shabby
Tattoo: [AR2 Style] Madness Tattoo
Top: [YumZ]BellaMafiaTop*Black @Gangsta Fair
Watch:**RE** ReVoX MGX Watch @MOM
Shrit: ::Zup:: Mesh Skirt Tamara
Shoes: Katniss Heels  - Slink Hight Feet FashionNatic
Pose:Overlow N#49

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4/26/2015 03:09:00 p. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments


"We have secured in this life is "death" but don't forget that you have to be able to convert your existence into something extraordinary"

Skin:Essences {Imogen: Pale01}NEW
Cap/Cigarrete/Pistol:AsHmOoT_SS Coll_Outfit #35 @ Gangster Fair
Top:[YumZ]BellaMafiaTop*White@ Gangster Fair
Skirt:RD Style Outfit Nikka #4_@ Gangster Fair
Shoes::Diamante: Sanction (Rigged) - SLink Mid@ Gangster Fair
Pose :IGNITION ART - Fear No This Night 10L

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The sea

4/25/2015 05:02:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments

"Women and the sea must know how to navigate"

Hair:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Alice hair@Wayward Hunt
Skin:.Birdy. Ali Vip skin - Pure <3 VIP GIFT
Top:(MORAN) Sprite T-shirt :navy @Wayward Hunt
skirt:Foxes - Vintage - Skirt -  White VIP GIFT

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4/24/2015 10:12:00 p. m. ℓαℓι gℓσм ℓαυяєит Ⓟĥιℓιקʂ 0 Comments

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Sia hair

Outfit:[LF] Tashigi Lingerie @Anybody

Tattoo:[K]- Phoenix tattoo

Shoes: [Mundos] Francesca Heels  @GANGSTA FAIR

Accesory: ::WS:: Master Couch

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4/24/2015 10:02:00 p. m. ℓαℓι gℓσм ℓαυяєит Ⓟĥιℓιקʂ 0 Comments

Hair: +elua+ Jaycee

Sumglass: [Z O O M] Paris Club 69 Glasses @MOM

Necklace: **RE**Scorpion, Unreal Necklaces 

wash:**RE** ReVoX MGX Watch @MOM

Top:.alterego. my sweet top 

Pant: NS::  Mesh Skinny Jeans (HUD)

shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Jordan Sneaker

Pose: Vestige Model 1

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4/24/2015 12:27:00 p. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments

"Someone who has no own dreams can not destroy the dreams of others"

Hair:HOMAGE -- Poison : Essentials
Skin:** [PUMEC]  - :AVRORA:. SKIN - Spring 
earnings:::TI:: Skully Chained  Bracelet-@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Rings::FF: Diamond Cage Rings@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Bracelet:::TI:: Skully Chained  Bracelet Group Gift
Top:.alterego. my sweet tops II - camo5
Bodysuit;::Maniac Store::BodySuit Moon Black
Tattoo Legs:.Identity. Body Shop - Black Target @FamouStation
holster:Obscure Assasins Holster Silver
Shoes: (Casa D) Gang Pump @ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Pose:Overlow Poses - Pack 19

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Of Death

4/24/2015 08:59:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments

"Don't laugh of death because it is right behind you"

Skin:.::WoW Skins::. V2 Mya Milk @ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Collar::FF: Love Imprisoned Collar @ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
bracelets:.random.Matter. - Bastille Wrist Cuff - Black
Holsters:B BOS -Gun Holsters-Black Gold-@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Tattoo:.Identity. Body Shop - Lickerish@The Showroom
Catsuit:B BOS -Rita Catsuit-Diplomatic-@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Pose:Overlow Poses - Pack 50

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4/23/2015 12:03:00 p. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments

"Hatred is the revenge of a bullied coward."

Hair:Moon. Hair // - FATPACK - Keepsake@Wayward Hunt 
Skin:** [PUMEC]  - :AVRORA:. SKIN - Winter
Tattoo:.Identity. Body Shop - Myoho
Chain:~Tantalum~ Elena Belly Chain*@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Nails:[Al-Hanna] Dollar Nails@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Garter:.::PS::. Talulah Garter - White & Pink@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Top:V.. Caged Top White@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Short:::Maniac Store:: Short Delicatesen Blue@ Eden of Virtual Arts(starts 1 May)
Sneakers:UC_White-blue straps_Iced_sneakers_Unisex@Wayward Hunt 

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Fear of the darkness

4/23/2015 08:46:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments

"I have fear of the darkness but this darkness in my within my soul and heart imagining everyone with pain"

Hair:TRUTH HAIR Octavia
Skin:[ae] kensi powder - drained@ Suicide Dollz April 26th
Piercing:.Keystone. Annyn Nose Chains @Wayward Hunt 
Romper:<S> Mesh Romper With Hud@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Bag:<S> Gangsta Bags Gacha@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Shoes:[Mundos] Francesca Heels_TMP,Belleza,Maitreya&Slink@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Pose:Overlow Poses - Pack 51

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Post #2

4/22/2015 09:24:00 p. m. ℓαℓι gℓσм ℓαυяєит Ⓟĥιℓιקʂ 0 Comments

Hair:TRUTH HAIR Esther

watch:[Z O O M] Divons Watch @Black Fashion Fair

Outfit:: D-Style - MobScene Suit w.HUD :: @Gangsta Fair

Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Zoe Heels

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Post #1

4/22/2015 02:20:00 p. m. ℓαℓι gℓσм ℓαυяєит Ⓟĥιℓιקʂ 0 Comments

Hair:::Exile::Flying Over the Dateline @collabor88

Necklace: **RE** ReVoX BadAss Necklace

Outfit: [M.Second] Aurora Outfit @Gangsta Fair

Shoes: PixeL. - Peep Toe Shoes - Hearts

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Kill You

4/22/2015 01:34:00 p. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments

"Insured by mafia, if you hit me, we kill you"

Hat;Meva Gangster Hat@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Hair:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Gangsta girl hair-Fatpack@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Glasses:::TI:: Round Glasses - Black Group Gift
Bracelet:Graffitiwear Bullet Bracelet@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Tattoo:Reckless. - Alvarrez
Garter:Awear little Garter bullets RARE@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)
Outfit:::MF:: Sexy Gangsta - Full outfit@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)

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Teen dreams

4/20/2015 05:35:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments


 "Teen dreams: great impulses that can change the world"

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--Chik10-- Shape Kelly 100l NEW

4/19/2015 04:01:00 p. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments

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Think of you....

4/19/2015 10:00:00 a. m. Sandry Acuña 0 Comments

"I like to think, but above all to think of you..to think of you slowly because you make time stand still and in that way I have more time to think of you."

Hair:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Tami hair@Black Fashion Fair
liner:< nova > Ophelia Lipstick 
Lips:< nova > Valentina <
Dress;KK - Paige Bag@ Gangster Fair Hunt Gift (Starts 25 April)
Outfit:KK - Dasies Bag@ Gangster Fair (Starts 25 April)

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